BPA Bottled Water Alternative – Free Health Class. Save your planet.

BPA Bottled Water Alternative – Help yourself and help your planet.

BPA Bottled Water

Plastic TRASH!

BPA Bottled Water Alternative: We are trashing our planet with plastic bottles. 500 billion bottles are used each year — that’s enough to put the plastic bottles end to end and circle the earth five times! It is estimated that if one person would give up drinking from plastic, it could save the planet over 220 bottles each year. This is my small way that I can do something for the earth myself. I hope you will join me in this tiny movement towards a better planet earth. Take the FREE Health Class – no email required.

Look for water filters that say, “BPA free.” Brita water filters and others have this printed on the label. BPA contributes to heart disease, osteoporosis, monthly menstrual cramps and night sweats and hormonal migraines. Not safe.

We think we are helping our bodies, but we are not. Drinking bottled water contributes to hurting our health.

A friend of mine, Dan, is going to South America in a few weeks, and I wanted to find a healthier way for him to bring his own water. Here is a safe way to drink water. (even safer than bottled water — drinking from plastic is something I try to avoid because of bisphenol A in 98 percent of all plastic water bottles) Not excluding Gatoraid, teas, and other drinks found in plastic bottles.

This bottle is much different than others. Some people in the review found this bottle annoying because you must suck the water through the filter. Which means no gulping water down. Ya gotta work to drink. But the filter can take spring water and make it good to drink. The ad says that it reduces well over 98 percent of living germs. To me that would be good for really bad water — like a third world country.

Of course the bottle is reusable, because it is stainless steel. I am a big fan of stainless steel cooking as well. My advice — throw away all of the Teflon pots and pans that you have in your kitchen for stainless steel. I use an iron skillet for frying, but a stainless steel pot or glass pot for boiling.

Another down about this stainless steel bottle is that there isn’t a meter on the bottle to tell you when the filter should be changed. Not a biggee. Most of the filter indicators have no basis of how much you used the filter, but are a time indicator. Mark the bottle or better yet, mark your calendar to remind yourself to know when to change your filter.

Mainly germs grow by time, not by usage. My suggestion: If it has been two months, throw the filter away and get a new one. Filters are cheap in comparison for having the runs with cramps for a few days.

Remember: Drinking water from a BPA Water Bottle is BAD for your health, and bad for the health of the earth. Here are a few of my suggestions. Please note that when you follow a link from this website, the product does NOT cost you more. Amazon will keep their prices consistent and will pay me a small percentage out of their profits. So, relax and obtain my expertise and a good alternative to promoting health at your house.

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